Posted by Someone on April 14, 2012

Bear Grylls drops his trousers

Bear Grylls drops his trousers on telly - and it's not a quite sight: CHRISTOPHER STEVENS reviews last night's TELEVISION.A step of how much real survival is involved in Mission Survive (ITV) is that vegetarian Samantha Barks is a front-runner to win.This show is expected to be do-or-die against the harshest risks of the African bush, yet West End vocalist Sam flatly chooses not to consume any of the meat or fish her team-mates have eliminated.Instead, she gets by on ration loads provided by the film crew and she looks the very best nourished of the lot.

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Kiwi Firefighters' Altering Roles

when saving lives isn't really simply battling blazes.If you have a heart attack in a remote area and somebody calls 111 it is progressively most likely it will be a fireman who arrives to save your life.Fire Medical Vehicles (FMVs), run by firemen’s trained in life-saving skills and aimed at servicing separated areas, are suggested in a new interim Fire Service report.

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Saved yachtie: Preparation Secret To Survival

A Northland yachtie winched to safety, after deserting his sinking vessel and drifting in a rowboat for two hours 180km off Northland's coast, reckons preparation was the essential to his survival.Steve White, 48, of South Head on the Kaipara Harbour, circumnavigating New Zealand solo, understood he remained in difficulty when he heard a loud bang on the fiberglass hull of his 50ft yacht about 5.30 pm on Saturday.

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